What is Organization Development? One classic definition of organization development comes from Richard Beckhard’s 1969 Organization Development: Strategies and Models :

Organization Development is an effort that is:

  • Planned
  • Organization-wide
  • Managed from the top
  • Increase organization effectiveness and health
  • Through planned interventions in the organization’s “processes,” using behavioral-science knowledge.

Organizational development is the process of helping organizations improve through change in policies, power, leadership, control, or job redesign. The main focus is to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the organization. Organizational development can be undertaken by the organization’s leadership or an outside consultant.

Organizational climateorganizational culture, and organizational strategy are the three main sections of organizational development theory. Organizational development is a continuous process based on managing future change based on diagnosis, planning, and evaluation.

It is not a surprise that the  unit of analysis for OD practitioners is organization, which means that OD we focus on developing organization capability through alignment of strategy, structure, management processes, people, and rewards and metrics.

The OD Practice Framework describes the competencies, skills, behaviors and other traits necessary for superior performance, as an OD professional.

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