The OD Network has over 50 years experience in developing a powerful community, strong and diverse connections. ODNetworks are focused on continuous learning and creating experiences that develop both depth and breadth of knowledge, skills and behaviors for members and non-members alike.

ODNNigeria is following the same pathway.  Our mission is to advance the science, practice, and impact of Organization Development in Nigeria, and by extension Africa.


We aspire to be a powerful network of practitioners, covering every city and town  in Nigeria.  Our members are practitioners and aspiring practitioners working to build powerful professional networks and improving their knowledge and skills in organization development such that we are able to represent Nigeria and Africa in the global community of practitioners.


The values guiding us are the same values that practitioners worldwide have adopted:

  • Responsibility to Self – acting with integrity and being true to ourselves; Striving continually for self-knowledge and personal growth;
  • Responsibility for Professional Development and Competence
  • Developing and maintaining our individual competence and establishing cooperative relations with other professionals to expand our competence;
  • Practicing within the limits of our competence, culture, and experience in providing services and using techniques;
  • Responsibility to Clients and Significant Others – serving the long-term well-being of our client systems and their stakeholders;
  • Conducting any professional activity, program or relationship in ways that are honest, responsible, and appropriately open;
  • Responsibility to the OD-HSD Profession – contributing to the continuing professional development of other practitioners and of the profession as a whole;
  • Promoting the sharing of professional knowledge and skill;
  • Social Responsibility – accepting responsibility for and acting with sensitivity to the fact that our recommendations and actions may alter the lives and well-being of people within our client systems and within the larger systems of which they are subsystems.